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Warren’s World, by D.A. Madigan is a raw science fiction novella about a person trapped in the ultimate reality-bending revenge fantasy. It’s pretty damn creepy.

Warren is the all-too-human, all-too-petty god of his own little world, with every aspect of reality tailored and changed according to his whim. Put together from equal parts of Twilight Zone’s “It’s a Good Life”, a smidge of Bruce Almighty and peppered with WANTED’s almost legendary cynicism, Warren’s World packs one heck of a punch and is paced well enough that I mustered the strength to read it in one sitting.

The cover artwork, while lacking some lustre, prepares the reader for the sort of small-town, short-sighted reality shattering cruelty in the book. However, the book’s grim presentation might also not leave such a powerful impression on readers who aren’t in the mood for horrific pessimism. As a matter of fact, a lot of the scenes in the book did make me stop every now and again through my first read-through, just so I could catch my breath.

So readers, be warned: if you are looking for some good old 80’s nihilism dressed in a glossy, geeky exterior, then this book is for you. The rest, approach Warren’s World with caution. It just might be too much to take in one sitting.

Warren’s World is available here


-Wholesome 80’s nihilism
-New take on some classic cosmic horror
-(Optional) Great geek value


-Book can be a bit too raw at times
-The cover art is functional, but lack some lustre

Warren's World, by D.A. Madigan
If you enjoyed "It's a good life" and always had a thing for alternative cosmic horror without an explicitly Lovecraftian spin (a la Carpenter's 'Mouth of Madness'), then Warren's World is more than worth a read.
Character Development
World Building
4.0Overall Score
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