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Andrew Andrew’s of True Review has reviewed Bruce McAllister’s novel, The Village Sang to the Sea: A Memoir of Magic, published by Aeon Press in 2013.

“In THE VILLAGE SANG TO THE SEA, Brad Lattimer is a Navy brat – living with his assigned-to-port father and mother near an Italian shore, trying to keep his understanding and use of Latin straight, attempting to make friends with the right people. However, in one instance, he chooses the wrong friends to hang out with.” See the full review.

The novel is 172 pages and is available to purchase here on the Albedo One website in print format for just 11.00 (euro), and can also be bought in eBook format on (here) and (here).

See also the excellent review of The Village Sang to the Sea by award-winning author Paul Di Filippo on Locus Online.

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