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We’re happy to direct your attention to a review of Bruce McAllister’s exceptional novel, The Village Sang to the Sea, published by Aeon Press, 2013, and available online here in print format for purchase. The review is by Julian White of Starburst magazine.

Here’s the opening paragraph to the review:

When he and his parents move to a small fishing village in Italy in the 1960s, naïve American teenager Brad Lattimer suddenly finds himself plunged into an intoxicating and occasionally dangerous world of heat and strangeness. This is a place where little green lizards seem to talk back to you, where women who may or may not be witches lurk in woodland cottages, where a lady who may or may not be a ghost patrols an abandoned hospital, and a girl who may or may not be haunted by the spirit of the dead poet Percy Bysshe Shelley spells out his poems with shells on the sands of a remote cove.

See the full review of The Village Sang to the Sea.

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