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The Shoggoth Conspiracy by David Conyers is the first collected omnibus of Harrison Peel’s adventures set in a Lovecraftian universe. Contained herein you will find 11 superlative stories and novellas chronicling the adventures of our eponymous hero as he battles against human and not so human adversaries under the auspices of the mysterious Code 89 initiative.

To say that I love these tales would be a gross understatement. David Conyers artfully weaves a global, space, time and dimension spanning mythology incorporating aspects of spy, military, thriller and lovecraftian fiction into the mix with his Australian hero Harrison Peel at the forefront. As a writer he has this deftness of touch and style that makes each story immensely readable. Once you start reading a Harrison Peel story, you just can’t stop. They are just so exciting and fast paced!

Reading these stories you will be transported from the depths of deepest darkest Asia to the farthest reaches of space, dropping off in Australia, South America, Africa and Afghanistan along the way. Drop in inter-dimensional physics, maths, alien cities, nameless horrors, exotic locales, subterfuge and a whole truckload of action and adventure and of course, Shoggoths and you are in for a whale of a time! If that little description doesn’t tantalise your taste buds then you are probably a bit of a jaded soul when it comes to reading but do yourself a favour, reach into your wallet and click that download button. You will not be disappointed. The Shoggoth Conspiracy is excellent!!

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