Beyond the Mountains of Madness, edited by Robert M. Price

Located at the ends of the Earth, Antarctica has always had this special allure for the intrepid explorer. A vast, foreboding and desolate continent with a harsh and unforgiving climate, this place has captured the imagination of many an adventurer. None more so than H.P. Lovecraft when he created the epic that is “At the Mountains of Madness”. This recounting of an ill fated Miskatonic University expedition to the South Pole and its tense and scary encounter with forces far, far beyond the realms of human understanding blew me away when I first read it. Lost civilizations, ancient aliens, hints of bioengineering and dormant horrors in the wilds of Antarctica made for a wonderfully evocative and enthralling story.

Red Cells, by Jeffrey Thomas

Okay, take a planet in the far future, populate it with hundreds of alien species including humans, throw in lots of cyberpunk tech, sprinkle in some Raymond Chandler type goons, and have lurking Lovecraftian monsters in the background for a bit more flavouring, and what you get has a name: Punktown. Punktown is a highly imaginative and enthralling setting by talented dark fiction author, Jeffrey Thomas, and Red Cells is the latest book in this series.
The Nightmare Dimension by David Conyers

The Nightmare Dimension by David Conyers

Albedo One is delighted to spread word of a new collection of short fiction by our Contributing Editor, David Conyers. We'll let the eminent D. L. Snell and the collection's blurb do the rest of the talking for...