Satan's Fan Club, by Mark Kirkbride

Satan’s Fanclub, by Mark Kirkbride

Satan’s Fan Club starts with twins James and Louise being told about a secret club where they can do anything they want, throwing off the shackles of responsibility, a boring home life and parental expectations. They like the idea that they can do what they feel like – this club means a sense of freedom that they haven’t felt before and as the man says at the start, “Don’t you ever feel like throwing off society’s shackles, its straitjacket, and running amok?” I suppose most of us have thought this at some point, but when the entry requirement is killing your nearest and dearest, it’s not surprising that most of us would also have second thoughts.

The Black Dog Eats the City, by Chris Kelso

The Black Dog Eats the City is a novelette comprising of a series of loosely connected stories by Chris Kelso, author of Transmatic and Moosejaw Massacre, exploring a world that has been infected, gone mad and is slowly being eaten away at from the inside out by the Black Dog, a manifestation of deep dark depression. Featuring terrible people being eaten alive by a Just-as-Cruel universe, cities that are picked apart in the manner of sky burials by invisible vultures and excellent prose, this is a perfect example of love-it-or-hate-it fiction.