Satan's Fan Club, by Mark Kirkbride

Satan’s Fanclub, by Mark Kirkbride

Satan’s Fan Club starts with twins James and Louise being told about a secret club where they can do anything they want, throwing off the shackles of responsibility, a boring home life and parental expectations. They like the idea that they can do what they feel like – this club means a sense of freedom that they haven’t felt before and as the man says at the start, “Don’t you ever feel like throwing off society’s shackles, its straitjacket, and running amok?” I suppose most of us have thought this at some point, but when the entry requirement is killing your nearest and dearest, it’s not surprising that most of us would also have second thoughts.
Glorious Plague, by Karen Heuler

Glorious Plague, by Karen Heuler

In Glorious Plague, a virus gets into the bodies of humans, but it is an unusual one that influences people in a very strange way. When they are infected, they become instantly happy, singing and running around as if they have been possessed by an angelic force which has them leaping happily to their deaths. Several residents of Manhattan have to try and find some semblance of normality as this is happening all around them. While one man searches for a cure to the Glorious Plague, another is still in search for his missing daughter and it is proving harder than ever to find her in the chaos around him.
Chronicles of Syntax, TV Series, Poster

Chronicles of Syntax, directed by Jack Ayers

The tag line for the series is 'Live to fight – Fight to live'. Written and created by Susan E. Clarke and produced by iDave Productions, the premise for this series is that a few people in the world have a unique set of information locked into their DNA that they are oblivious to. They have no idea they are special, or that they have powers that could be used for the good of humankind. As usual there is a war coming and these people, once they realise they have powers deep within, will soon have to choose which side they will be on – good or evil – as the war will make them choose.