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Social Media For Antisocials, by Christoph Paul is an autobiographical self-help book that tries to help new writers come to grips with the idea that their book’s success hinges on their tenacity on twitter and also how to make the most of it.

Albedo One does not usually publish non-fiction book reviews, never mind self-help book reviews, but I decided to make an exception for the sake of this. If you are just reading this and you are a struggling (or cynical) author who thinks they can make it out into the harsh world of publishing on your own merit, think again: Christoph Paul realized too soon that in order to stand out, you need to make yourself known.

Through this book, the author gives handy tips to ease your transition into the babble, rabble, toil, and trouble of Twitter. It does not promise results (another point for the author) but he helps you come to grips with your situation and get into the big dog-fight-dog world of publishing.


Social Media For Antisocials is published by Riot Forge Studios


-An honest self-help book
-Just the right amount of cynicism thrown in
-Funny all the way through


-Not so much a self-help book as a long pep talk
-Doesn’t really present you with any concrete steps

Social Media For Antisocials, by Christoph Paul
If you are stuck in a mire of rejections and polite turn-downs by publishers, magazines and fiction websites or you just want to see your Kindle book do a little better, try this book. It won’t solve your problems for you, but it’s honest and good for a laugh.
4.3Overall Score
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