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SNAFU-Wolves At The Door Anthology, edited by Geoff Brown and Amanda J. Spedding is a straightforward, pure-A example of the ‘military horror’ genre, focuisng on the shapeshifting humanoids we have come to know and love.

If SNAFU-Heroes was a great introduction into the ‘military horror’ genre, then SNAFU-Wolves at the Door is the series’ poster-child. Keeping up with the overarching theme of monster-specific anthologies, Wolves At The Door deals with the werewolf and all its permutations, infesting all manner of battlefields across history. From Olmec were-jaguars to Middle-Eastern jackal men to shapeshifters fighting on either side of the Second World War, this anthology speaks to the Hammer Horror enthusiast in every prospective reader.

While I did not enjoy Wolves At The Door as much as I did Heroes, I can’t help but see the appeal that this anthology has to the seasoned veteran of the ‘miliraty horror’ genre. Each story is brimming with action and makes some very clever references to classic action movies (Steve Coate’s intro to Semper Gumby brings Schwartzenegger’s Predator to mind), while the fight scenes alternate between testosterone-brimming affairs to Frank-Milleresque stop motion sequences of brutality. Dean Samed once again does the cover work for this anthology. While I do not consider it as one of the best examples of his work, it fits the theme perfectly.

If you are on the lookout for ‘military horror’ inspired action, then SNAFU-Wolves At The Door is probably just what the muscle-bound, M16-wielding doctor ordered.

SNAFU-Wolves At The Door
is published by Cohesion Press

SNAFU-Wolves At The Door Anthology, edited by Geoff Brown and Amanda J. Spedding
3.8Overall Score
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