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SNAFU-An Anthology of Military Horror, edited by Geoff Brown and Amanda J. Spedding
is the first volume in the series of ‘military horror’ anthologies by Cohesion Press and possibly the most filling installment.

At a total of 446 pages, SNAFU-An Anthology of Military Horror covers possibly every angle on supernatural military horror stories: from PMC special ops teams sent to extract people from the clutches of the Church of Dagon, to stories about paranormal espionage at the height of the Cold War Era all the way up to the chronicling of millenia-spanning wars between species. If nothing else, the first SNAFU anthology brings a lot of very interesting ideas to the table and a number of the stories included feature very interesting reimaginings of the idea of war itself, especially when taking place in a supernatural, exotic scale.

The cover, done by Mel Gannon, suits the feeling and content this anthology is trying to convey to the reader perfectly. The presentation immediately caught my eye and gave me an excellent idea of what to expect from page one.

My personal issue comes with some of the stories included in the anthology, which I felt did not mesh as well as the others. Perhaps it’s the nature and theme of the anthology, but most of the more experimental narratives clashed too strongly with the rest of the content, which was otherwise thoroughly enjoyable and a very fun read. If you are on the lookout for an entertaining collection of stories of the military persuasion that gives you a bang for your buck, then SNAFU-An Anthology of Military Horror is one of the best picks available.

SNAFU-An Anthology of Military Horror
is published by Cohesion Press

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Konstantine is a writer by choice. His short stories have been published in Haikaosru's Battle Royale-Slam Book, the AE Canadian SF Review and the Savage Beasts anthology by Grey Matter Press. People tell him he's got a writing problem, but he's recently managed to have one of his stories published in Japanese so he guesses he's still got it under control. He's got a Patreon Account, where he writes SF flash fiction and dreams to one day isolating himself in a little house in the mountains, where he will live off the land and order groceries from Amazon, like his glorious ancestors.

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