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Aeon Award Fee

Update: The Aeon Award will be on hiatus during 2020 while we consider a redesign and upgrade of the contest and its rules. If you have entered a story to the Aeon 2020, you will be refunded. The 2019 contest judging is proceeding as normal. We thank you all for your patience while we consider a much-needed refresh to the competition.

Welcome! On this page you can safely and securely pay the modest €8.50 entry fee to the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest with funds from your PayPal account or your credit card. You can also pay for multiple entries in one go!

The process is quick and simple (honestly!) and is mostly self-explanatory. For those accustomed to Shopping Carts in general, simply skip down this page and press the “Aeon Award Entry Fee” thumbnail to start the process. But for those less familiar, here is a guide to the process in 6 steps:

(1) Scroll down this page and click the grey “Aeon Award Entry Fee” thumbnail.

(2) A new page will load that will allow you to click a grey “Add to Cart” button, and will also allow you to choose to pay multiple entry fees if you desire.

(3) Clicking this button will load a new page noting that the “Aeon Award Entry Fee has been added to your cart”. From here, click the grey “Proceed to Checkout” button below to continue paying the fee.

(4) This brings up the Checkout page, where you should enter your name, address and email. You’ll have the opportunity to add an optional “Order note” (e.g. to include the title of your story or to tell us whether you are paying the fee on behalf of someone else). Once done, click on the orange “Proceed to PayPal” button at the bottom of the page.

(5) This opens a secure PayPal webpage with the title “Albedo One & Aeon Press” (that’s us!!). Here you can (1) pay the fee directly from funds in your PayPal account, or (2) pay directly with your credit card, with PayPal facilitating the process. We stress that you don’t need to already have a PayPal account or to open a new one to pay the fee!! To choose option (2), click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button (usually just below the PayPal log in option).

(6) A new page loads in which you can enter your credit card details. Finally press the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of the page to complete paying the fee.

Once done we automatically receive your payment details and match these to your story submission (don’t forget to send your story by email to

For general information on entering your story in the Aeon Award contest, go here. And if you have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Frank Ludlow at!

Special Offer: As a very special offer to Aeon Award contest entrants only, you can now pay your €8.50 entry fee and for just €1.50 extra (i.e., €10 total) purchase your own copy of Aeon Press’s premiere collection, Emerald Eye, at a 85% discount, including free postage and packaging. For more details, click the thumbnail below left. Otherwise click the thumbnail below right to pay only the €8.50 entry fee.