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We’re very happy to spread word of Albedo One Contributing Editor Sharon Kae Reamer’s fine new novel Shaky Ground. The novel is the 2nd Volume of the Schattenreich series and continues the world and story created by Reamer in her highly recommended novel, Primary Fault.

Here’s the tagline and blurb for Shaky Ground:

A tale of seismology, Druids, and an evil blonde.

Cologne, Germany.
Her bruises barely healed, Caitlin Schwarzbach needs time to settle into expatriate life with her brother Gus. Caitlin looks forward to her new job. She has new friends. She also has new enemies. And a new boyfriend. Hagen von der Lahn owns a haunted castle, a title, and the sexiest smile she’s ever seen. But her romantic reunion with the baron of Burg Lahn is cut short when Gus’s car blows up.  
Far from being settled, Caitlin’s life has also become supernaturally complicated. Long-term goal: Accept a new paradigm that includes Celtic deities and ancient curses. Short-term goal: Choose between keeping Gus safe or learning the truth about her past and its implications for her future. When she learns about the ‘fracking’ experiment in Cologne being conducted by her enemies, Caitlin’s short-term goal becomes dangerously acute. 
The sequel to Primary Fault and the second book in the Schattenreich series, Shaky Ground is a unique and gripping novel of suspense blended with contemporary Otherworld fantasy and a generous portion of real-world science.

Sounds good to us! See Sharon K. Reamer’s website for more, or jump in directly and purchase Shaky Ground on Amazon.



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