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Sands Of Sorrow, by Jeremy Hicks and Barry Hayes is the second book in the Cycle of Ages saga, continuing the adventures of Kaladimus Dor as he cross a terrifying desert, goes after another wild goose chase and comes face to face with the greatest threat that Faltyr has ever faced.

Sands Of Sorrow expands on the world of Faltyr, by taking the reader for a tour through its cultures and tradition. While it isn’t quite the high-octane fantasy fest of Finders Keepers, it takes the reader for a spin through the Elven traditions and hints at the greater history of the setting. I consider this change to be a sign of significant improvement over Finders Keepers, making Sands of Sorrow a worthy addition to the series.

The cover art has been significantly improved as well, with Rob E. Brown doing the design work and Kevin Fotovich chiming in with the graphic design and cover layout finishing touches. The team delivers a far more captivating cover which hints at the book’s plot and catches the eye.

Perhaps one of the weakest points of the book is its length, however: at times, it appears to go on tangents regarding the world of Faltyr, with the authors teetering very close to the edge of info dumping on the reader, something which they appeared to have dodged with the first book. I believe that their third installment will be in the fantasy Goldilocks zone, however.

Sands of Sorrow is published by Broke Guys Productions

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