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Albedo One: Issue 41: Digital (Pdf)

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Fiction from Bruce McAllister, Eric Brown, Judy Klass, Peter C. Loftus and Francisco Mejia. Also features three winning stories of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest 2010, by Michalis Manolios, Jacob Garbe and Robin Maginn. Features an original translation of Jan J. B. Kuiper’s story, “Blavatsky’s Knee”, from Dutch.

The issue also features the three winning stories (by Lauren Mulvihill, Aaron Elbel and Kathy Cronin) of the 2010 John West Fantasy Competition.

Features an in-depth interviews by David Conyers with Iain M. Banks. Interior art accompanying fiction by Anastasia Alexandrin. Cover art by Richard Wagner.

Buy issue 41 in pdf format for just €4.00.


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