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We’re delighted to direct your attention to a new review of Bruce McAllister’s novel, The Village Sang to the Sea (Aeon Press, 2013), at the venerable Locus Online, written by renowned author Paul Di Filippo.

Here are the first few paragraphs.

“At the SF Encyclopedia, John Clute sums up the career of Bruce McAllister (the first of whose eighty-some short stories appeared in 1963) with his trademark critical “excessive candour.” “Because his first novel was published in a dying series (it was a late Ace Special), because his second novel speaks unrelentingly of painful matters, and because his shorter work remained scattered until late in his career, McAllister continued to be relatively obscure long past the point at which he should have attained considerable prominence.”

It is within your power to help remedy this relative neglect of a fine writer by devoting some attention to McAllister’s third novel, The Village Sang To The Sea. But the deal is hardly a one-way street. In return, you will receive a magnificent reading experience, shimmering and vital, at once otherworldly and naturalistic, that recalls such fine ancestors as Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and Jeffrey Ford’s The Shadow Year.

The first thing to mention about the book is that it is a “novel in stories.” Or, rather, that its several well-integrated parts, cohering into an organic whole under these covers, first appeared separately in such places as F&SF and Asimov’s. But, additionally, new material is here to form bridges.”

Head over to Locus Online for the full review, and don’t forget, you can purchase The Village Sang to the Sea, right here on the Albedo One website.


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