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Misbegotten The Runaway Nun issue 2, by Caesar Voghan and Justin Case continues the biopunk tale of a runaway Marilyn Monroe clone, caught between a world in the grip of religious lunacy and a bastion of science gone mad.

True to form, this issue remains as irreverent as ever, but I will admit that the more light-hearted approach in this part of the story is a welcome change. From the Replika-type index in the first pages all the way to the arena scene double-page splat, Voghan and case create a horrifying, weird but ultimately funny world.

I continue to consider the lack of any proper introduction into the story’s apocalyptic origins to be a sore point for the book and some of the references come off as forced. But the carnage is good and the humor is raunchier than ever. If you were looking for a cyberpunk Preacher substitute, then you got your match.

Misbegotten Issue 2 is published by Flush Royale Media


-Great Art
-Impressive double page splats
-A welcome change from a raunchier, funnier side of the story


-Some of the references are too forced
-Still, no light is shed on the nature of the catastrophe

Misbegotten The Runaway Nun issue 2, by Caesar Voghan and Justin Case
Equal parts cyberpunk and biopunk and very funny all the way through, this book is a must if you love the works of irreverent comic book artists with a great story to tell.
World Building
4.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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