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Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: Flush Royale Media, 2014
Authors: Caesar Voghan & Justin Case
Overall Review: 5/5 stars

AD 2097.

Following the cataclysmic catastrophe that was the wrath of God Almighty, the Catholic Church take it upon themselves to rebuild Amerika from its ashes, gathering the poor and the huddled masses under its wing. To combat the rising tide of heretics and pagans who have festered among the ruins, the Church has established its team of Jesuit Knights, tasked to eliminate the nonbelievers for the salvation of mankind.

Their work seems to be going as planned, with only one pocket of resistance remaining: Harlequin Island, the artificial paradise of Sir Gottfrey, the most stylish super-villain since Doctor Sivana and Scaramanga had their genes scrambled into one being in a particle smasher.

Justin Case’s work has remarkable attention to detail and the fight scenes are fast-paced and brutal, while Caesar Voghan does an amazing work of condensing his first installment of his Misbegotten series into a single issue, introducing his cast of characters and his setting in one fell swoop. The world of Misbegotten is at once dismal, cruel and fantastic, with Harlequin Island and Our Lady Of Sorrow being the best one panel placeholders I’ve seen since Sweet Tooth.

My one complaint about the story is that it does not set up the particulars of the Apocalypse (in the same way that Voghan did back in the novel version of Misbegotten), which I believe needs to be addressed in future issues.

Review by Konstantine Paradias (and see also Konstantine’s Facebook Page)

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