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Misbegotten, Issue 3 continues the telling of the long cyber/biopunk post-apocalyptic tale of religious zealotry, by taking a detour into the nuances of each character and their specific motivations. While it’s not as explicitly violent or politically incorrect as the previous issues, it serves for an excellent change of pace.

Issue 3 delves deeper into the motivations of the story’s most important characters: the mad scientist (and far-future cyber-mummy) Gottfrey, the machinations of his Replika slaves and Father Elano, the  series’ appointed badass. While the story does suffer from its signature lack of any clearly defined backstory, the author has made sure to keep the pace frantic, in order to keep the reader occupied.

One important change, however, is the publisher’s decision to switch artists, from previous inker/penciler Justin Case to Casey Bailey. While the inker does a marvelous job, the difference might be jarring to any reders who just came into the fold and might long for Case’s austere original style. Bailey is great with action scenes, though and the series is going to get a whole lot of those soon, seeing how Issue 4 will mark the end of volume one for the series.

So if you’re aching for something new in science fiction comics with that little bit of old-school politically incorrect edge, give Misbegotten a go. I bet you won’t regret it.

Misbegotten Issue 3 is available on Kindle.

Misbegotten Issue 3, by Caesar Voghan
POSITIVES -Welcome change of pace -New artistic direction -Great new voice in sf comic books NEGATIVES -Change of artists might seem a bit jarring to long-time readers. -Significantly reduced levels of ultraviolence compared to other issues.
Character Development
World Building
4.5Overall Score
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