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Somewhat belatedly, we’d like to congratulate Albedo One author Karen Heuler on the great honour of having her story, “Thick Water”, chosen for re-printing in The Year’s Best SF 17 (2012), edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. The story was first published in Albedo One issue 40, 2011.

Summing up the story, Locus Online reviewer Lois Tilton describes “Thick Water” as “a story of extreme planetary seduction, with drastic consequences. The thick water is pretty neat stuff. Readers are going to have to wonder – was Sibbets right, or were the others? The author isn’t saying.”

Eamonn Murphy, reviewing Albedo One for SF Crowsnest, describes the story as “good old-fashioned Science Fiction about a group of explorers on a strange planet and their strange fate.” He goes on to remark that “it’s very redolent of Bradbury’s ‘Martian Chronicles’ but might have appeared in any 1950s SF magazine so I loved it. There is mileage yet in the old formats for writers of imagination.” 

D. Douglas Fratz, reviewing the story in the Year’s Best for SF, remarks that it is “one of the strangest stories… “Thick Water” [is] about four explorers stranded on an alien world who appear to be profoundly affected psychologically and physically by the planet.”

Congratulations again to Karen, and you can buy issue 40 of Albedo One (our special 100 page bumper fiction issue) here in print and pdf format. Also, check out Karen’s website. Her fourth novel (and sixth book) Glorious Plague will be published this April.


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