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Humanity 2.0 is an anthology about what humanity could become, in their attempt to reach the furthest stars. From sentient pulses of energy to genetically modified ubermen to weird cases of cultural exchange with other species, this collection covers most of the more popular angles in new and surprising ways.

While one could argue that Humanity 2.0 is worth purchasing based on its star-studded ToC alone (from Liu to Fulda to Silverberg), its real strength lies in the originality with which the authors approach the thorny subject of mankind modifying themselves to brave the universe. The variety of approaches in every story differs wildly, form hard scifi speculation all the way to more…rubbery scifi approaches to solving the same issue, each of them very cleverly dancing around the taboo matter of changing ourselves irrevocably.

The anthology is impressive in and of itself, even if a little short, length-wise. While a lot of the stories are chunky and original, one cannot help but feel that the anthology could do with a few thousand more words, provided that they dealt with some more novel approaches to the idea. perhaps the editor never got those stories.

As it stands, Humanity 2.0 makes for an excellent ebook purchase, with a lot of excellent work packed between its covers. If you’re aching for classic-quality sf by modern greats, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Humanity 2.0 is published by Phoenix Pick

Humanity 2.0, edited by Alex Shvartsman
World Building
4.5Overall Score
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