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Grudgehaven is built made out of plastic and metal,  along the edges of a crack as big as the world. It’s where the garbage gathers; where the discarded, broken things come together to build for themselves a world that they can live in and arrange their broken structures in the shapes of men.

Grudgepunk is a short story collection that comprises of tales from all over Grudgepunk: starting with its crazy underworld and reaching all the way up to its gutter-level heights, Grudgepunk tells the stories of flesh-perverts, of parasites that latch on to men and control them like puppeteers, of rogue hands rushing off to aid the bodies from which they were severed and so much more delicious strangeness to boggle the mind and overwhelm the senses. While the subject matter of the book appeared highly risqué to me (the presentation of an inhuman world and characters always being a high-risk literary venture in and of itself), John McNee manages to write grantite detectives who are far more likeable than a lot of the flesh and blood ones I’ve come across lately.

April Guadiana does an amazing job ith the cover, even if I consider the plain background to be a little too optimistic and clashing for a book with as grim and gritty and outlook as Grudgepunk.

Grudgepunk is published by Rooster Republic Press

About The Author


Konstantine is a writer by choice. His short stories have been published in Haikaosru's Battle Royale-Slam Book, the AE Canadian SF Review and the Savage Beasts anthology by Grey Matter Press. People tell him he's got a writing problem, but he's recently managed to have one of his stories published in Japanese so he guesses he's still got it under control. He's got a Patreon Account, where he writes SF flash fiction and dreams to one day isolating himself in a little house in the mountains, where he will live off the land and order groceries from Amazon, like his glorious ancestors.

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