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In the pages of God’s Eye, Katherine Geryon is the largely passive object of Heaven and Hell’s attentions. Both sides want her soul in their battle, and both sides send representatives to win it, but neither is all that clear-cut — and that’s the best part about the book. Through the whole story, the reader is kept guessing about who is the angel and who is the demon, and the truth isn’t revealed until the very end.

The story itself is interesting and complex, and the action and tension mounts nicely until it’s practically singing at the end. But Katherine spends much of the book blankly accepting whatever happens to her, and it takes her a very long time to learn her lessons. Even then, she has to be told what they are before they sink in, and it makes her a frustrating main character, though she redeems herself in the end when she finally takes control of her own life and wins a reward that way.

The tone is tense and mysterious, but that narration is distancing — more often than not, we’re told what’s going on and what people are talking about rather than being allowed to just see it, and we’re not often privy to anyone’s really deep inner emotions. The distance might make the beginning seem stilted to some, but after a few chapters, when the overblown language and not-quite-showing us anything settles down, it’s an involving read. And by the end, there’s enough information and history with the characters that the payoff is much more rewarding than the first chapters would have indicated.

It’s not a perfect book, but it has some good ideas and it explores them just enough off the norm that they are a little surprising, and some of the imagery is downright arresting. If you don’t mind a distanced third person narrative, somewhat like you might find in thrillers, though without the thriller’s obsession with gadgets, this book of theological war is worth looking into.

God’s Eye (2011)
A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink Publishing (419 pages)

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