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Weird Stories

Ophelia in My Arms, by Mike Jansen

Spitirual séances gone wrong in every way imaginable, poems that work as vignettes that illuminate small portions of a far greater story, fairy tales with gruesome endings reserved for the ghoulish and the greedy, stories about talking cats at the end of the world, Twilight-Zone worthy shorts, stories about a world of the near future full of light and color beset by the horrors of its own wonders left unchecked and so much more.

The Black Dog Eats the City, by Chris Kelso

The Black Dog Eats the City is a novelette comprising of a series of loosely connected stories by Chris Kelso, author of Transmatic and Moosejaw Massacre, exploring a world that has been infected, gone mad and is slowly being eaten away at from the inside out by the Black Dog, a manifestation of deep dark depression. Featuring terrible people being eaten alive by a Just-as-Cruel universe, cities that are picked apart in the manner of sky burials by invisible vultures and excellent prose, this is a perfect example of love-it-or-hate-it fiction.