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Movie Reviews

Out of the Unknown

In the 1960s I can remember rushing to get to the TV to watch the BBC Science Fiction series, Out of the Unknown. The one-hour episodes, largely in black and white, contained drama based on short stories from many of the authors of the so-called Golden Age, including Isaac Asimov, John Wyndham, William Tenn, Frederik Pohl, John Brunner and Ray Bradbury. Though repeated a year or two later, since then they have never appeared on TV screens and unfortunately for various reasons only 20 of the original 49 episodes remain but the BFI has put all available material together, plus lots of extras, on a seven disc DVD package.

Gagarin: First in Space DVD

Just released on DVD, this is a Russian State sponsored movie about the first time a human went into space. The event occurred in 1961 and Yuri Gagarin, had he still been alive, would have reached his 80th birthday but he died aged only 34 following a plane crash in 1968.

Nosferatu the Vampire

Werner Herzog’s 1979 film has been remastered for this Blu-ray release by the British Film Institute and while it has some similarity to FW Marnau’s 1922 silent black and white original, it remains a world apart from that and from the world we live in today. Both are dated and both have become curiosities we can look back on with some amusement and horror. As will be explained, the true horror of Nosferatu was not in vampire but in the abysmal treatment of the animals used to make the scenes.
Chronicles of Syntax, TV Series, Poster

Chronicles of Syntax, directed by Jack Ayers

The tag line for the series is 'Live to fight – Fight to live'. Written and created by Susan E. Clarke and produced by iDave Productions, the premise for this series is that a few people in the world have a unique set of information locked into their DNA that they are oblivious to. They have no idea they are special, or that they have powers that could be used for the good of humankind. As usual there is a war coming and these people, once they realise they have powers deep within, will soon have to choose which side they will be on – good or evil – as the war will make them choose.