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Beer Run Of The Dead, by Don Noble

Beer Run Of The Dead, by Don Noble is the story of Kip, a terminally awkward nerd struggling to keep his head together as the world ends on the last day of school (naturally). He is forced to live through the last, bloody moments of human civilization with Richard (his mother's current boyfriend) and survive in the wreckage with Rock and Steady, two hopeless rockstar rejects. During their struggles, Kip will have to man up or be promptly reduced to juicy sirloin steaks by the ravenous hordes of the dead.

Explaining Cthulhu To Grandma, by Alex Shvartsman

Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma is a collection of short stories by Alex Shvartsman, ranging from humorous urban fantasy stories about quack exorcists-for-hire, to Christmas tales from the deepest, grimmest future to the occasional case of meta-humorous shenanigans, taking place among characters that are perfectly aware that they are going through nonsensical events in a disorderly universe.

Terence, Mefisto and Viscera Eyes by Chris Kelso

Terence, Mefisto and Viscera Eyes is a doozy. The latest segment in Kelso’s Slave State universe, this novella is by far his harshest work yet. Where the previous books (Moosejaw Frontier, Black Dog Eats the City and Transmatic) mostly concerned the pointless violence and drudgery of everyday life, this one chooses to tackles themes of slavery and the systematic abuse of a people, painting the Slave State for the hellhole it actually is.