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Abbreviated Epics Anthology, edited by Juliana Rew

The Abbreviated Epics Anthology by Third FlatIron Press is a collection of short fantasy stories, each of which tackles the oft-quoted theme of 'epic', repurposing it according to each author's whim. There are steampunk shorts that take you to exotic locales, theological discussions in strange new universies, cosmological debates among nascent godlings and railroad rides with trickster-gods.

The Young Dictator, by Rhys Hughes

The Young Dictator follows the adventures of Jenny Khan (possibly related to Temujin, the artist-formerly-known-as-Genghis) and her Gran as they establish a short-lived totalitarian dictatorship, flee to alien worlds, take over the Galaxy and find themselves causing an untold number of shenanigans.
Book of Dragon's Teeth - H. Wolfgang Porter - Book Cover

Book Of Dragon’s Teeth, by H. Wolfgang Porter

When a cadre of elemental sorceresses loses a magical artifact of utmost importance to a cutpurse, when South City officials and other people in positions of power begin to drop like flies and even the Gray Man finds himself in a situation that goes in way over his head, then South City begins to slowly but certainly descend into utter political (and later on sorcerous) chaos, which threatens to envelop the world.
Pantheon by Josh Strnad, Novel Cover

Pantheon, by Josh Strnad

In his first novel, author Josh Strnad introduces us to the small town of Pantheon and the struggles of its inhabitants and founders, the surviving Greek Gods who wage a shadowy war against the inhuman forces of the Legion. On the way, Lamont and Emma, two not-so-regular people, find themselves caught up in the power struggle and petty trysts of divinities and are forced to play their part in deciding the fate of the world.