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Blurring the Line, edited by Marty Young is an anthology about hidden horrors lurking at the edge of everyday awfulness, sprinkled here and there with scary little tidbits which prove that our world slides closer to its fiction on a daily basis.

The idea behind Blurring the Line is horror that’s delivered in explicit (or implicit) subtlety, disguised under awful everyday facts. From compulsive hoarders under the ambiguous control of a garbage-monster to stray dogs turned cannibal by necessity to honey-cultists, this anthology features stories of considerable variety and high-intensity creepiness.

The cover art by Dean Sammed is, as usual, very well made with his usual attention to detail, but unfortunately does not help ease the reader into the theme of the stories. The interior art however, by Alex McVey (especially the police-sketch style portraits) are an excellent touch as prefaces.

My objection to the anthology were in its pieces of newspaper clippings and excerpts, scattered throughout the story. I understand that the editor’s intent was to use real-world examples both from our fictions and out fact, to back up the claim that these stories could have some grounding in reality. However, the authors have achieved this with little outside help. As these parts stand, they seemed to only break the flow of the book for brief intervals, just to reinforce an already established point.

Blurring the Line is published by Cohesion Press

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Konstantine is a writer by choice. His short stories have been published in Haikaosru's Battle Royale-Slam Book, the AE Canadian SF Review and the Savage Beasts anthology by Grey Matter Press. People tell him he's got a writing problem, but he's recently managed to have one of his stories published in Japanese so he guesses he's still got it under control. He's got a Patreon Account, where he writes SF flash fiction and dreams to one day isolating himself in a little house in the mountains, where he will live off the land and order groceries from Amazon, like his glorious ancestors.

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