Ophelia in My Arms, by Mike Jansen

Spitirual séances gone wrong in every way imaginable, poems that work as vignettes that illuminate small portions of a far greater story, fairy tales with gruesome endings reserved for the ghoulish and the greedy, stories about talking cats at the end of the world, Twilight-Zone worthy shorts, stories about a world of the near future full of light and color beset by the horrors of its own wonders left unchecked and so much more.
Gravity Comics Massacre No. 5

Gravity Comics Massacre, No. 5, by Vincenzo Bilof

Damien is a comic book store owner. He doesn’t like clothes, as he believes that they hinder him during the long work-hours that he puts into his comic book store, the only noteworthy sight in the worst town in Arizona. Damien loves his job; he has a magical pen given to him by the aliens who inspired Philip K. Dick’s early work, which he uses to draw his victims in order to realize their darkest fears.