Terence, Mefisto and Viscera Eyes by Chris Kelso

Terence, Mefisto and Viscera Eyes is a doozy. The latest segment in Kelso’s Slave State universe, this novella is by far his harshest work yet. Where the previous books (Moosejaw Frontier, Black Dog Eats the City and Transmatic) mostly concerned the pointless violence and drudgery of everyday life, this one chooses to tackles themes of slavery and the systematic abuse of a people, painting the Slave State for the hellhole it actually is.

The Young Dictator, by Rhys Hughes

The Young Dictator follows the adventures of Jenny Khan (possibly related to Temujin, the artist-formerly-known-as-Genghis) and her Gran as they establish a short-lived totalitarian dictatorship, flee to alien worlds, take over the Galaxy and find themselves causing an untold number of shenanigans.