Book of Dragon's Teeth - H. Wolfgang Porter - Book Cover

Book Of Dragon’s Teeth, by H. Wolfgang Porter

When a cadre of elemental sorceresses loses a magical artifact of utmost importance to a cutpurse, when South City officials and other people in positions of power begin to drop like flies and even the Gray Man finds himself in a situation that goes in way over his head, then South City begins to slowly but certainly descend into utter political (and later on sorcerous) chaos, which threatens to envelop the world.

American Nightmare, edited by George Cotronis

American Nightmare is the first short story anthology from Kraken Press, featuring ten excellent pieces of horror fiction by exceptionally talented writers who explore the hellish underbelly of a 50’s America that could be. Featuring dysfunctional families dabbling in the occult, strange magic woven in the alleys of Hollywood, unspeakably monstrous acts along the 38th parallel and all the Marilyns you can eat, American Nightmare was a very fortunate blind buy for me.
Coyote - The Outlander, Book Cover

Coyote – The Outlander, by Chantal Noordeloos

Coyote the Outlander is the first book in a series detailing the adventures of the titular bounty hunter, as she treks across a fantastical re-imagining of early 20th-century America, hot on the heels of inhuman outlaws. On her way, Coyote finds herself caught up in a strange conspiracy, sees impossible technologies and has her share of well-written, spaghetti western-style shootouts.
Misbegotten - The Runawar Nun, Issue 1

Misbegotten – The Runaway Nun, Issue 1, by Caesar Voghan & Justin Case

AD 2097. Following the cataclysmic catastrophe that was the wrath of God Almighty, the Catholic Church take it upon themselves to rebuild Amerika from its ashes, gathering the poor and the huddled masses under its wing. To combat the rising tide of heretics and pagans who have festered among the ruins, the Church has established its team of Jesuit Knights, tasked to eliminate the nonbelievers for the salvation of mankind.
Pantheon by Josh Strnad, Novel Cover

Pantheon, by Josh Strnad

In his first novel, author Josh Strnad introduces us to the small town of Pantheon and the struggles of its inhabitants and founders, the surviving Greek Gods who wage a shadowy war against the inhuman forces of the Legion. On the way, Lamont and Emma, two not-so-regular people, find themselves caught up in the power struggle and petty trysts of divinities and are forced to play their part in deciding the fate of the world.

Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse, edited by Alex Shvartzman and William Snee

There is not much to say about the glorious genre of space opera that hasn’t been said a thousand times already. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it kind of deal, one that has served to divide the science fiction community since time immemorial, bringing them together for the brief moments when someone plays the Doctor Who theme on the PA system. This is what Alex Shvartzman and William Snee must have had in mind, when they decided to see this anthology to fruition.