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Albedo One is delighted to make issue 49 available for sale in digital and pdf format! For issue 49 we have released one of our rare all-fiction issues, packing in no less than eleven fine stories.

These stories include the three winners of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest 2016, including First Place Winner, “When the Last Telepath Left Town” by David Cleden, “Ware” (2nd Place) by Adam R. Shannon, and “Ryder on the Brink” (3rd Place) by Magnus Hedén.

Also featured are a range of wonderful tales spanning the speculative fiction spectrum, from Scott Bradfield (“Pteranodon’t”), Eric Brown (“Panspermia High”), Bentley A. Reese (“The Other Side of the Glass”), Richard Foreman (“The House Where Jack Dwelt”), Lawrence Wilson (“The Forty-Ninth Midnight”), Ryan Row (“Exhaling Smoke, or How to Love Somebody”), Charles Ebert (“Some Notes on the Origins of the Neo-Impressionist Movement”), and Nick Moulton (“Scenes from Domestic Life with the Gentry”).

All in all, not an issue to be missed!

Buy it here in print for only €5.95 or here in pdf for just €4.00!

Please note that there will be a delay in shipping print issues at the moment, owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

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