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metahuman - Alex Reis04 Nov 2018 – In advance of the pending publication of Albedo One issue 48, we thought we would provide a sneak preview of our fine cover art.

This image is entitled “Metahuman” and comes from artist Alex Ries, whose other impressive works in the realms of SF, technology and natural history you can check out at his homepage.

Here’s what Alex has to say about himself: “Raised on a farm in rural Victoria, Alex Ries is a Melbourne based illustrator and concept artist with several years’ experience across the industry. His artworks have been featured by publishers including Australian Geographic, Cosmos Magazine, and the Discovery Channel. Also employed as a concept artist, from 2007 to 2011 he worked full time in the videogames industry with THQ’s Bluetongue Entertainment studio, wherein he contributed to four published titles. Receiving his education at the University of Melbourne, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts. His studies in diverse visual media including painting, 3D visualisation and film provided a broad creative skills base from which to operate. This education and experience, coupled with a strong interest in biology, zoology and real-world technology, has fostered an artistic style able to not only accurately illustrate life from the real world, but fictional life as well.”

We look forward to featuring Alex’s work on our next front cover!

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Frank Ludlow

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    Vaughan Stanger

    Hi Frank,
    That’s a great cover. I’m looking forward to having the magazine in my hands. That said, I’m not sure whether or not my subscription has expired. I’d be grateful if you could check for me.
    Kind regards


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