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17 December 2016 – The Albedo One team is delighted to announce the long awaited publication of issue 47, first on sale in the excellent BCon (Barcelona Eurocon) this year. After making everyone wait so long, we had to make this one special. So what have we got for you?

First, we have an extra-large issue, weighing in at 88 pages, featuring some fine cover art by Antonio Javier Capar, as well as art work (back cover) by Teis Teng that captures the essence of his mesmeric story, “The Cowboy who Loved Lady Liberty” in the same issue. Fiction also featuring in this bumper is Bruce McAllister’s poetic “A Beautiful Day”, a short piece with a powerful emotional punch.

But we’re not done there. This issue also proudly features two fine translations, continuing Albedo One‘s efforts in partnership with our European colleagues of bringing award winning fiction to English-language audiences. So here we have a translation from German by Tommi Brem of Karla Schmidt’s wonderful “A(way) with Stella Maris”, winner of the 2009 German Science Fiction Prize. Also translated from Italian by Paul Virgo is Michele Piccolino’s touchingly humorous fantasy, “The Curse of the Di Blasio Agresti Salottolo Illiano De Scisciolo Prize”, winner in 2014 of the 20th Trophy RiLL Contest.

That’s still not all, because this issue bring you not only the three winners of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest 2013, but also the three winners of the 2014 Aeon Award Contest, featuring exceptional work from horror to hard SF from authors around the world. From the 2013 contest, we have in 1st Place “The Painting” by Amanda O’Callaghan, in 2nd Place “The Bottle Shop” by Nicholas Lim, and in 3rd Place “Ever Closer Union” by James Carney. From 2014, we have in 1st Place “Bodyware” by Chris Samiullah, in 2nd Place “Lustbader” by Ron Schroer, and in 3rd Place “The Deepfolk” by Juha Kivelä.

To round off the issue, we have no less than two interviews conducted by our own Art & General Editor, David Conyers, with Julie Czerneda, and Sean Williams, both of whom need no real introduction here. Last but not least, we have our continuing review column by the superb Juliet E. McKenna, highlighting some exceptional reads to close out your 2016 or open your 2017.

Follow the links to buy Albedo One issue 47 in print or pdf format (ebook versions will be on sale soon).

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