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8 Sep 2014 – The latest issue of Albedo One features new fiction from TD Edge, Stephen Gaskell, Martin McGrath, Kelly Rede, Jacey Bedford, David Conyers and Luigi Musolino.

Also featured is an in-depth interview with Hugo Award-winning hard science fiction author Peter Watts, interview with zombie-superhero crossover author Peter Clines, cover art by Ken Barthelmey, and reviews columns from Juliet E. McKenna and George Anderson.

The issue has been released on Smashwords in Kindle and ePub editions, and will be released shortly on Amazon.

Experience otherworldly love that cannot last, grant a daughter her dying wish on a desolated Mars, journey with an apocalypse survivor whose wife and daughter have been edited from his perception, and squirm at the deprivation behind the scenes of a child pageant.

Update 21 September 2014

Albedo One Issue 45 is now available as a Kindle book and can be downloaded from,, and

If you would like to check out more of the amazing illustrations of our cover artists, Ken Barthelemy, visit his website at

Update 15 October 2014

We’re delighted to say that issue 45 is now also available for purchase here in the Albedo One Shop for just 4 euro in digital pdf format. The issue will also be available online here to download in ebook versions (.epub and .mobi), and in print, in the coming days.

Update 03 November 2014

At long last, we are pleased to announce that you can now purchase issue 45 in the Albedo One Shop in print and eBook (.epub and .mobi (for Kindle)) formats. Moreover, from issue 45, our eBook formats will be available for just 2.99 euro. Enjoy! Subscribers should also start to see their print copies land on their doorsteps in the coming weeks!

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