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21 April 2014 – We can happily announce that issue 44 of Albedo One (our first available in a range of eBook formats!) has been reviewed by Rod MacDonald for the estimable SF Crowsnest

We are particularly proud of this issue, the first to be designed from scratch by our new Art & General Editor, David Conyers, and which featured the three winning stories of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest 2012. Here are the opening paragraphs of the review:

I haven’t read ‘Albedo One’ for some time and having looked at the Kindle version of number 44, I was once again able to enjoy the good fiction this publication has to offer. Coming from Ireland, the stories do possess a certain poetic charm that you can only find from this location. You have to think of Joyce and Yeats to get the drift of my meaning and, while we are not talking of these exotic heights, we are still moving in the same direction. 

A piece by Ian Wild entitled ‘The Truffle Hounds Of Romantic Passion And Desire’, which was actually the Aeon Award Winner for 2012, was hilarious from start to finish. In fact, the story was like a chaotic frantic chase all the way through! An unfortunate fellow was looking for the love of his life but had no idea of her identity. Hugo, his unscrupulous friend, had solved the problem by purchasing a pack of five huge hounds which could sniff out anything and anybody. Having gained his scent, they were then sent on a chase which would eventually take them to Paris. Sufficient to say the love of his life was encountered. Every nuance, turn and twitch of character is presented with skill of delivery. Once you get into the story, you have no choice but to follow the chase through all its misadventures. You won’t be able to stop laughing. It’s a great tale and a worthy winner of the prize. 

See the full review of Albedo One issue 44.


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