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We are delighted to announce the release of issue 44 of Albedo OneIreland’s magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror. What’s more, this issue is the very first to be available in a range of popular e-book formats on Smashwords and in Kindle (.mobi) format on and Of course, the issue is available right here online in our traditional print and digital pdf formats at the Albedo One Shop. We’ll be selling issue 44 in e-book versions here too, shortly.

This issue features new fiction from Ian Wild (Winner of the Aeon Award 2012), James Carney, Steve Billings (2nd Place Winner of the Aeon Award 2012), Alexandra Fleetwood, Dave Siddall and Eric M. Witchey (3rd Place Winner of the Aeon Award 2012).

Also featured is an in-depth interview with Philip K. Dick Award-winning author Simon Morden, cover art from Charlie Terrell, and reviews from Juliet E. McKenna, John Kenny, Peter Loftus and David Conyers.

So take a race with hounds across Europe to seek true love, explore a dying world plagued by invading jelly, take a soulful train journey through the wastelands of purgatory, and accompany an angry father who might have saved the wrong daughter.

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    will you be selling the new issue through the shop soon,


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