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Ain’t superstitious, edited by Juliana Rew is an anthology about creepies, crawlies, things that go bump at all ours in the day and all the tiny rituals that keep them at bay.

At 150 pages, his anthology covers pretty much every flavor of superstitious calamity, from magical realism to golden-age-science fiction conundrums. The broad spectrum of the anthology makes for a great variety of stories. My personal favorites, John Hegenberger’s ‘Necromancer’ and Jacob Lambert’s ‘Across the Styx of Norway’ were depressing short pieces about applied superstition that really shone out among the collected stories in this volume.

Unfortunately,  the cover and interior art leave a lot to be desired. Some of the more unique approaches (like Lyn Godrey’s ‘Pantomimus’ and Gerri Leen’s ‘Spellcasting’) clash too oddly with the rest of the stories included in the book, breaking san otherwise very entertaining flow.

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth for alternative fantasy stories and want to discover a few brand-new voices during your next book-shopping splurge, then give Ain’t Superstitious a shot.

Ain’t Superstitious is published by Third FlatIron Publishing

Ain’t Superstitious, edited by Juliana Rew
  • Wide variety of stories
  • Very interesting shorts
  • A bang for your buck
  • Cover and interior art leave a lot to be desired
  • Some of the more unique stories don't mesh that well with the whole
3.3Overall Score
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