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Aeon Press is the book-publishing arm of Albedo One and is Ireland's only dedicated publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Since being established in 1998 we have published a small but diverse range of top quality material, from a graphic novel to a long overdue best of Irish speculative fiction anthology, Emerald Eye.

Aeon Press is a small publisher, and so what can we offer that big publishers cant? Well, we love what we do, and none of us are in it for the money. Our goal is to bring to you exceptional work from Irish and international authors that stands out from the crowd. The sort of "uncommercial" work that you wont find major publishers touching with a bargepole, because of the very qualities we are looking for. Something new, something risky, combined with top class writing. For fully up to date information on forthcoming titles and submission opportunities for authors, see

Just released, we have two new collections, Box of Delights, edited by John Kenny, and Transtories, edited by Colin Harvey.

Below you can purchase print copies of our titles. You can also purchase and download reduced price electronic pdf versions of Transtories, Box of Delights, Lost Notes, Spell Maffia and Bird of Prey (published by Damnation Books).

To purchase and obtain a pdf version: 1) click on the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below to purchase the pdf, 2) right-click on the dark blue download link and save the pdf to your computer or reader, 3) PayPal will provide us with your email and we will email you the password needed to open your pdf. This is currently being done "by hand" but we will usuailly get your password to you within 24 hours.


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Transtories edited by Colin Harvey book cover  

Transtories, edited by Colin Harvey

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines "trans" as follows: "Used in words adopted from Latin and in English words modelled on these, and as a feely productive prefix, with the senses 'across', 'beyond', 'on or to the other side of', 'into another state or form', 'surpassing', 'transcending'." Every one of these senses seems to be perfectly science fictional. Consult the dictionary - beginning with "transaccidentation" (which even now feels like an intriguing story subject) and journeying all the way through to "Transylvanian" (which may have been used before in fiction) - there are a wealth of words that could have been designed purely to inspire science fiction writers. And so the brief was issued - write a story based on a "trans-" word. And here are the results. From a man who attempts to save his reality through music to a boy who sees a unicorn and from the devil trapped in a transept to the last radio show on Earth we proudly present fifteen terrific stories that might just be best described as "transcendent" ("beyond the range or grasp of human experience, reason, belief, etc." - OED).

Transtories features excellent new speculative fiction by: Joanna Hall, Jay Caselberg, Priya Sharma, Tala Bar, John Kenny, Tomas L. Martin, Lawrence M. Schoen, Susanne Martin, Robert Neilson, Sharon K. Reamer, Rob Rowntree, Jonathan Shipley, Rodney J. Smith, Cody L. Stanford, Daniele Scerra, and Hugo, Nebula and Campbell Award nominee Aliette de Bodard, the winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award for Short Fiction, as well as the Writers of the Future Contest.

The collection is edited by Colin Harvey and is available for purchase here in both print and electronic pdf download.

Trade Paperback - 252 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €11.95
(excluding post & packaging)
Buy a Reduced-Price Electronic Pdf Version for €6.49.
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Link to Transtories pdf

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Box of Delights, edited by John Kenny, cover image  

Box of Delights, edited by John Kenny

A woman and her two young children are caught on a neverending train journey, a man discovers his new calling in life is the dispatch of the lonely and the desperate, a vegetarian vampire falls in love, a woman who just won’t leave her husband alone, even after she’s dead, two guitar-playing musicians seek out the ultimate jamming session, a young woman’s path to recovery involves an unorthodox therapy, a psychic TV presenter meets her match in an ancient cellar.

Dip into our Box of Delights and enjoy 16 brand new spine-chilling tales of love and death from the pens of Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Steve Rasnic Tem, Don D'Ammassa, Erin Pringle, Robert Neilson, Priya Sharma, Taylor Grant, Eleanor Marney, Erik T. Johnson, N. A. Sulway, John F. D. Taff, Ian Wild, David Murphy, Craig Saunders and Sean Mac Roibin.

The collection is edited by John Kenny and is available for purchase here in both print and electronic pdf download.

Trade Paperback - 225 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €11.95
(excluding post & packaging)
Buy a Reduced-Price Electronic Pdf Version for €6.49.
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Link to Box of Delights pdf

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Emerald Eye: Best Irish Imaginative Fiction - SF, Fantasy & Horror from modern Irish authors  

Emerald Eye: The Best Irish Imaginative Fiction, edited by Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan

Emerald Eye is a celebration of all things fantastic in modern Irish writing. Stories of fevered imagination have been part of the Irish psyche from the oral tradition through to the present. Emerald Eye puts together the very best of modern science fiction, fantasy and horror from the pens of genre masters such as Anne McCaffrey, Bob Shaw, James White and many others. It blends them with highly imaginative work from literary masters like William Trevor and Mike McCormack. A heady mix to thrill, to scare, but most of all to enjoy.

Stories by: William Trevor, Mike McCormack, Anne McCaffrey, James White, Bob Shaw, Sam Millar, Fred Johnston, John W. Sexton, Mike O’Driscoll, Michael Carroll, Dermot Ryan, Nigel Quinlan, John Kenny, Robert Neilson, David Murphy, Sean MacRoibin, James Lecky, David Logan.

Published in 2005 and launched by Anne McCaffrey at Interaction, the 2005 World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Emerald Eye is the only collection of speculative fiction by modern Irish authors published to date.

Trade Paperback - 292 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €9.99
(excluding post & packaging)
Spell Maffia by John Lee  

Spell Maffia, by John Lee (text) & Denise O'Moore (art)

"He thought there was only one “F” in Mafia"...

Meet Jack Kelly. It is seven thirty in the evening. It is mid-March. He is in the middle of a rapidly darkening forest. He can see about ten yards in any direction. And, by the way, he is totally naked. Ten minutes ago he was holding onto his nuts because he was embarrassed; now he’s hanging onto them because he’s afraid they’re going to fall off from the cold. His eyes are scanning the shadows for movement. Somewhere close by lurks a Russian gangster with a gun. What else could he have expected when pitching a bunch of weekend witches against the might of the Russian Mafia (Dublin branch)?

This graphic novel also includes a bonus adventure with Ireland’s favourite clerical psychic investigator, "Father Further Investigates... The Devil in Dingle", written by Robert Neilson and illustrated by Denise O'Moore.

102 page paperback.

Buy a Print Copy for €9.99
(excluding post & packaging)
Buy a Reduced-Price Electronic Pdf Version for €6.49.
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Link to Spell Maffia pdf
Lost Notes - Speculative Fiction by Irish Author David Murphy  

Lost Notes, by David Murphy

Sixteen tales of alternate Irelands, alternate worlds, gathered together in a sophisticated and startlingly diverse collection told at hypnotic pace. They are the stories of a cynical yet mysteriously naive voice, the voice of the outsider who remains incredulous when confronted with the absurdities of life.

“‘Lost Notes’ is a story that approaches greatness. Attempts at description can only diminish it. There are certain passages in great music that, whenever I hear them, I have only to close my eyes to be released from corporeality. ‘Lost Notes’ had the same effect on me.” – David Marcus

“It’s a rare talent who can show us a glimpse of what Ireland is and what it could become. David Murphy doesn’t believe in glimpses. He shows it all, every subtle distinction, every smell, every shade. You will remember this book.” – Roelof Goudriaan.

This collection is available for purchase here in both print and electronic pdf download.

Trade paperback - 202 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €14.95
(excluding post & packaging)
Buy a Reduced-Price Electronic Pdf Version for €6.49.
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Link to Lost Notes pdf
This Way Up - Speculative Fiction stories by Nigel Quinlan & Dermot Ryan  

This Way Up, by Nigel Quinlain & Dermot Ryan.

In the tradition of the old Ace Doubles, this book collects some of the best short speculative fiction stories by upcoming Irish authors Nigel Quinlan in the first half and, flipping over, collects a number of stories by Dermot Ryan in the second half (or the first half, depending on which way up you hold the book). Whether it's a Dublin hospital during Ragnarok or the Tree of Life in a back bedroom, Quinlan's and Ryan's stories take place in that shimmering territory where Dublin (and even Limerick) touches the Infinite.

“Plenty of slapstick and dialogue brimming over with attitude” – Peter Tennant, The Fix, on Nigel Quinlan's "Another Thing Coming".

“A distinctly Irish feel, provided by the setting, narrative language and sharp dialogue” – Cynthia Ward, Tangent, on NIgel Quinlan's "Black Hole Road".

“One should not invoke the great Jorge Luis Borges lightly. But for the array of emotions that Dermot Ryan’s superb story ‘The Last Laugh’ brings out in the reader, nothing less will do” – Roelof Goudriaan.

Trade paperback - 176 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €11.95
(excluding post & packaging)
The Hand That Takes, a science fiction novel by Paul Harland  

The Hand That Takes, by Paul Harland.

A science fiction novel by Dutch author Paul Harland.

Follow Jeremy Rose in his search for his mysteriously lost lover Shikegi, as he follows a trail of missing artists: their bodies, their paintings ... and their hands. The Hand That Takes is a wrenching portrait of loss, an adventure-crammed and brilliant near-future thriller, showcasing one of Holland's foremost visionary authors to an international audience.

“The wealth of ideas on display is dazzling… easily stands head and shoulders above any other fiction I’ve read for years” – BBR Directory.

Praise for Paul Harland’s writing in Systems of Romance: “Confident writing which neither proclaims a ‘national tradition’ nor echoes that of others, but connects with a whole range of romantically imaginative storytelling” – Andy Sawyer, Foundation.

Trade paperback - 264 pages.

Buy a Print Copy for €13.95
(excluding post & packaging)
Bird of Prey - Cover Image - David Murphy  

Bird of Prey, by David Murphy.

Bird of Prey, a novella by Albedo One Co-Editor David Murphy and published by US publisher Damnation Books, is a contemporary fantasy based on the Russian myth of the Firebird, told with a hint of darkness and a touch of humour.

A little old lady walks into the showroom of a London auctioneer. In her bag a devastating secret kept under wraps by generations of Russian Czars. Walts Walters, antique dealer, uncovers the true nature of Lot 28. Read this amazing account of an innocent man caught up in extraordinary events. Join him on his journey across a continent beneath the beating wings of Bird of Prey.

Bird of Prey can be purchased in a variety of ebook formats from Damnation Books, and is also available to purchase and download here in pdf format.

Paperback - 87 pages.

Buy a Reduced-Price Electronic Pdf Version for €4.00
Right-Click Link & Choose "Save" to Download Pdf.
Link to Bird of Prey pdf