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Aeon Press

Aeon Press is the book-publishing arm of Albedo One magazine and is Ireland’s only dedicated publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Since being established in 1998 we have published a small but diverse range of top quality material, from a graphic novel to a long overdue best of Irish speculative fiction anthology, Emerald Eye.

Aeon Press is a small publisher, and so what can we offer that big publishers cant? Well, we love what we do, and none of us are in it for the money. Our goal is to bring to you exceptional work from Irish and international authors that stands out from the crowd. The sort of “noncommercial” work that you wont find major publishers touching with a bargepole, because of the very qualities we are looking for. Something new, something risky, combined with top class writing.

Just released is our new collection, Decade 1: The Best of Albedo One, edited by the estimable John Kenny.

Decade 1: The Best of Albedo One, edited by John Kenny


Over the last 21 years, Albedo One, Ireland’s premiere magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror, has enjoyed a rich and varied history, picking up several accolades along the way, including three European Science Fiction Society awards. From the outset, the magazine became known for featuring quality fiction from new and emerging writers. And now, collected under one cover for the first time is a selection of the very best of that fiction from the first decade of Albedo One’s existence. 

Witness a post-apocalyptic Earth where the bloated descendants of humankind gorge themselves on the offerings of automated food dispensers that are slowly breaking down. Queue up to view the essence of a lost love caught in an amber moment. Join Edmund Hillary on one last climb, to the top of the Tower of Babel. Don’t let even death stop you from taking over the family business. Lease a Dada Machine and create new works of art by dead masters. Dip in and enjoy a baker’s dozen of stories from the imaginations of Gil Alderman, John Hanamy, Sean Mac Roibin, David Murphy, Robert Neilson, Mike O’Driscoll, Peadar Ó Guilin, Philip Raines & Harvey Welles, Dermot Ryan, John W. Sexton, H. Turnip Smith, Tais Teng and Neil Williamson.

Follow these links to purchase Decade 1 in (for Kindle) and .epub (for other ebook readers).

The Village Sang to the Sea: A Memoir of Magic, by Bruce McAllister

The Village Sang to the Sea, a new novel by Bruce McAllister, published by Aeon Press in 2013.

During the Cold War a 13-year-old American boy, Brad Lattimer, moves with his family to a fishing village in Northern Italy. It is no ordinary village. But Brad is welcomed like a long-lost cousin. His teacher is a gentle hunchback with a lisp who is more than he seems to be; and there are witches in the olive groves who will poison your cat, but not for the reasons you imagine. In those same groves there is a village so small it shouldn’t be a village, its red doorways too short for normal men to pass through easily; and at night, on its narrow cobble street, creatures that should not exist walk while a single baby cries forever. On the sands of the next cove sits a pale girl who somehow knows the poetry of the great Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and wants you to drown with her, just as Percy drowned near this village over a century ago. This is the village where Brad, too, will start to dream strange dreams and write his first stories; where he will fall sick because the village’s magic has a hold on him: It wants him to become something other than a boy–something that can never leave it–something it can have as its own forever.

The book is 172 pages and is available to purchase here on the Albedo One website in print for just 11.00 (euro), and can also be bought in eBook format on (here) and (here).

See also the excellent review of The Village Sang to the Sea by award-winning author Paul Di Filippo on Locus Online.

Transtories, edited by Colin Harvey

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines “trans” as follows: “Used in words adopted from Latin and in English words modelled on these, and as a feely productive prefix, with the senses ‘across’, ‘beyond’, ‘on or to the other side of’, ‘into another state or form’, ‘surpassing’, ‘transcending’.” Every one of these senses seems to be perfectly science fictional. Consult the dictionary – beginning with “transaccidentation” (which even now feels like an intriguing story subject) and journeying all the way through to “Transylvanian” (which may have been used before in fiction) – there are a wealth of words that could have been designed purely to inspire science fiction writers. And so the brief was issued – write a story based on a “trans-” word. And here are the results. From a man who attempts to save his reality through music to a boy who sees a unicorn and from the devil trapped in a transept to the last radio show on Earth we proudly present fifteen terrific stories that might just be best described as “transcendent” (“beyond the range or grasp of human experience, reason, belief, etc.” – OED).

Transtories features excellent new speculative fiction by: Joanna Hall, Jay Caselberg, Priya Sharma, Tala Bar, John Kenny, Tomas L. Martin, Lawrence M. Schoen, Susanne Martin, Robert Neilson, Sharon K. Reamer, Rob Rowntree, Jonathan Shipley, Rodney J. Smith, Cody L. Stanford, Daniele Scerra, and Hugo, Nebula and Campbell Award nominee Aliette de Bodard, the winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award for Short Fiction, as well as the Writers of the Future Contest.

The collection is edited by Colin Harvey and is available for purchase here in both print and electronic pdf download.

Trade Paperback – 252 pages.

Box of Delights, edited by John Kenny

A woman and her two young children are caught on a never ending train journey, a man discovers his new calling in life is the dispatch of the lonely and the desperate, a vegetarian vampire falls in love, a woman who just won’t leave her husband alone, even after she’s dead, two guitar-playing musicians seek out the ultimate jamming session, a young woman’s path to recovery involves an unorthodox therapy, a psychic TV presenter meets her match in an ancient cellar.

Dip into our Box of Delights and enjoy 16 brand new spine-chilling tales of love and death from the pens of Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Steve Rasnic Tem, Don D’Ammassa, Erin Pringle, Robert Neilson, Priya Sharma, Taylor Grant, Eleanor Marney, Erik T. Johnson, N. A. Sulway, John F. D. Taff, Ian Wild, David Murphy, Craig Saunders and Sean Mac Roibin.

The collection is edited by John Kenny and is available to purchase here in both print and electronic pdf download.

Trade Paperback – 225 pages.

Emerald Eye: The Best Irish Imaginative Fiction, edited by Frank Ludlow & Roelof Goudriaan

Emerald Eye is a celebration of all things fantastic in modern Irish writing. Stories of fevered imagination have been part of the Irish psyche from the oral tradition through to the present. Emerald Eye puts together the very best of modern science fiction, fantasy and horror from the pens of genre masters such as Anne McCaffrey, Bob Shaw, James White and many others. It blends them with highly imaginative work from literary masters like William Trevor and Mike McCormack. A heady mix to thrill, to scare, but most of all to enjoy.

Stories by: William Trevor, Mike McCormack, Anne McCaffrey, James White, Bob Shaw, Sam Millar, Fred Johnston, John W. Sexton, Mike O’Driscoll, Michael Carroll, Dermot Ryan, Nigel Quinlan, John Kenny, Robert Neilson, David Murphy, Sean MacRoibin, James Lecky, David Logan.

Published in 2005 and launched by Anne McCaffrey at Interaction, the 2005 World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Emerald Eye is the only collection of speculative fiction by modern Irish authors published to date.

Trade Paperback – 292 pages.

Buy it here in print for only €9.99.