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Aeon Award 2009

The Aeon Award 2009 was the Fourth International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest. It ran from January 1st 2009 to November 30th 2009. The Grand Prize was €1000 and publication in Albedo One. Second and third place prizes were €200 and €100, respectively, and publication in Albedo One. Thanks, as always, must go to the entrants for supporting this writing conest, and all those who supported the contest with publicity.

Grand Judge Ian Watson chose the winners. First place went to “Frogs on My Doorstep” by Annette Reader. Watson remarked that the story was “very intriguing and full of emotional impact. The alternate world concept is handled very convincingly, and is reminiscent of the recent work of Chris Beckett.” Reader received the €1000 Grand Prize and publication in Albedo One. Her story will be published in issue 39 of Albedo One, due out early Autumn 2010. Second place goes to “Bridges” by Nick Wood. Watson said the story, featuring a future South Africa in which apartheid never ended, is “politically acute and powerful, with its heart in the right place… and is in many ways a ‘textbook story’, because it’s so well done.” Second prize is €200 and publication in a future issue of Albedo One.Third place goes to “Canis Lupus, Rosa Canina” by Judith Brown. Watson said “the story is nasty, but brilliantly written, with masterly descriptions of landscape and powerful imagery.” Third prize is €100 and publication in a future issue of Albedo One.

The story, “A Falcon Sharp and Passing” by Donald Mead, which placed in the top six of the shortlisted stories for 2009, has subsequently been published online as the inaugural story of Albedo One’s Albedo 2.0 Fiction Showcase series of excellent original fiction published exclusively online.

The full shortlist from the Aeon Award 2009 writing competition is provided below, with the top six stories denoted by asterisks (and listed in no particular order).

A Falcon Sharp and Passing *** by Donald Mead
Canis Lupus, Rosa Canina *** by Judith Brown
Frogs on my Doorstep *** by Annette Reader
Something Other *** by David Heaton
Bridges *** by Nick Wood
Fenn, Brother of Francis *** by Susan McElheran
He Who Picks the Bones by Frank W. Haubold (translated by Jason Roberts)
Trimble Does Time by Gerard Farrell
In the Boughs of his Blood Orange Tree a Vampire Sat to Dream of Love by Ian Wild
Stars in the Skies by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
Don’t Go Playing with Naiads by Alice Godwin
The Girl in the Blue Bikini by Peter Loftus
Once, When the Sun Rose in the West by Susan Lanigan
Deconstruction by Alexis Boddy
Reflected Glory by Peter Loftus
Conversion by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
All the Beautiful Lights of Heaven by Russ Colson
Star in a Glass by Vaughan Stanger
Wailing Wheel by Joe Nazare
Angele Dei by Chandler Kaiden
Lost Things by Jennifer Harwood-Smith
On the Feast of Stephen by Cyril Simsa
The Art of the Intractable by Nathan Jones
Gordon Street by Katharine Clayden
Pirate Copies by Ian D. Martin

Don’t forget, the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest opens for entries each year from 01 January to 31 November. The Aeon Award short fiction contest has been running since 2004 and has a Grand Prize of €1000 and publication in Albedo One! Second and third place contest prizes are €200 and€100 as well as guaranteed publication in Albedo One, the leading Irish magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Here’s why you should enter the contest.