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July 21, 2018 – The Interim Judges Panel of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest have at long last completed their voting for the top 6 stories of the 2017 contest, an agonizing process of selecting the best from 47 exceptional stories shortlisted during 2017.

The titles of the top 6 shortlisted stories are given below, but author names are withheld to ensure impartiality whilst the contest proceeds.

We thank the authors of all the stories entered into the contest during 2017, and congratulate the authors of the top 6 shortlisted stories, whose stories now go to our Grand Judges for the final decision on the three winning stories that will receive the 1000, 200 and 100 euro Grand Prizes and publication in Albedo One.

Only the Stones
Second Nature
The Management Meeting
Heaven Inc.
All Hallows Eve

Our sincere commiserations to the authors of those excellent shortlisted stories that did not make the top 6 this time around.

Below, we list all stories shortlisted during 2017. Author names will be proudly revealed upon the close of the contest.

Round 4

The Word of Death
The Convivial Society
Remember Backwards
Sorghum Sway
Fall from the Heavens
Dragon’s Hand
I See the Lake
Barrel Friend and the Maidenhair Baby
The Sorceress
The Grandmother Hypothesis
Inyoka, or Snake, and A Million Reasons Why
What Can Happen When You Leave Your Lights On At A Drive-Through
Lives Beyond the Horizon
Drenched with the Dew of Heaven
Lucky George

Round 3

Rites of Passage
The Digital Rift
A Host Rising
Only the Stones
The Replacement
The Management Meeting
Frozen Futurity
The Lady of Lavernum
II – The Tale of Fenrir
Ice Heart

Round 2

The First Alarm
The Ritual
Project Lamplighter
Gloomy Sunday
Monsters and Soldiers
Second Nature
Five Observations
A Question Of Balance
All Hallows Eve
Under Soil

Round 1

Violin Man
Heaven Inc.

The Red-Handed Man
The Rescue
In the Skull Palace

Don’t forget, the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest opens for entries each year from January 1 to November 30. The Aeon Award short fiction contest has been running since 2004 and has a Grand Prize of €1000 and publication in Albedo One! Second and third place contest prizes are €200 and €100 as well as guaranteed publication in Albedo One, the leading Irish magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

See the full Aeon Award writing competition rules for more.

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