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23 Oct 2017 – It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest, 2016.

This year our Grand JudgesIan WatsonJuliet E. McKennaMichael Carroll and Todd J. McCaffrey had the difficult task of choosing the three winning stories from the top 7 shortlisted stories (out of an overall shortlist of 52: the record for shortlisted stories since the contest began in 2004). Our utmost congratulations to the authors of three winning stories, whose wonderful work won out over tremendous competition, and who will receive the 1000, 200 and 100 euro Grand Prizes, plus publication in Albedo One, Ireland’s premiere magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

1st Place: When the Last Telepath Left Town by David Cleden
2nd Place: Ware by Adam Shannon
3rd Place: Ryder on the Brink by Magnus Hedén

Our sincere commiserations to the remaining authors from the top 7 shortlist, listed below, whose exceptional work just missed out this year. Their names are now revealed alongside their stories,  below.

Tell Me a Story by J. J. Roth
The End Onwards by Jamie Thorp
Beautiful Along the Break by David O’Donoghue
Crescendo and Diminuendo in Blue by Cyril Simsa

Finally, we list the remaining shortlist below. Thank you all for entering your fine stories. Your support makes the Aeon Award possible.

Beginner’s Luck by Sarah Hartzer
Dutchman Rules by Richard G. O’Reilly
Lifedrinker by Edana Jakubowsk
Thirty Seven Months and Three Days by Finnbar Howell
Help Wanted by Dave Rudden
Watch The Goodbyes by Tommy Forbes
Dawn by Lisa Farrell
Walpurgis by Ron Schroer
The Black and White by Nev Christie
The Flotsam That Yelled by Mary Ferdinand
Church of Pit by Dustin Hyman
Getting There by Philip Brian Hall
Love in the time of Quarantine by Serena Lawless
Of Memories and Teardrops by Grant T. Reed
Matchsticks by Shane W. Smith
Of Gods and Masters by Paul Duffy
It Always Comes Back by Alyssa J. Martin
In Yartsev by David Shaw Mackenzie
This Demon Inside Me by Michael Banker
The Strangers by James Scully
A Good Place to Hide by Louis Rossi
De-arrangment by Lee Melling
Badhbh by Sheila Armstrong
Taste by Jerry Bachman
Above Instinct by James Walker
The Journey by Stuart Laws
The Face of God by James Carpenter
Eleven by Richard Salsbury
The Voice by Ashley Nelson
The Day Color Came by Tatia Prue
Remnant by John J. Kennedy
We Made Friends With the Monster Under the Bed by Vashti Kashian-Smith
Thanatopsis by Mary E. G. Miller
The Gift by Maree New
The Peach by Montague Chambers
The Psykofage Chamber by Thurstan Honey
Someone Else’s Battles by Philip Brian Hall
Layers by Mike Simon
The God in the Darkness by Dennis Mombauer
Possession by Denise Jani Sizov
Temptation by Hector Wells
Ceaseless Snowy Streets by Robin Alexander Styles
Within by Sam Leeves
Chasm Spells by Morag Lewis
Inspector Bride and The Bloody Shame by M. J. Dworsky

Don’t forget, the International Aeon Award 2017 Short Fiction Contest is open for entries until November 30, 2017. The Aeon Award short fiction contest has been running since 2004 and has a Grand Prize of €1000 and publication in Albedo One! Second and third place contest prizes are €200 and €100 as well as guaranteed publication in Albedo One, the leading Irish magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

See the full Aeon Award writing competition rules for more.

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