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Feb 09, 2016 – With apologies for delay as they worked through a final round with an exceptional number of entries, the Interim Judges Panel for the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest 2015 are delighted to announce those stories to be added to the contest shortlist after the fourth and final round of the competition, which ran from October 1 to November 30.

The judges have added an unprecedented 22 stories to the shortlist after the final round, bringing the total shortlisted in the Aeon Award 2015 contest to 49, the highest number of shortlisted stories in any Aeon Award since the inception of the contest in 2004. The titles of all newly shortlisted stories are given below, but author names are withheld to ensure impartiality whilst the contest proceeds.

We thank the authors of all the stories entered into the contest during the final round, and apologize once more for the additional time it has taken to announce this shortlist. Additional judges are being recruited for the Aeon Award 2016 contest (now open) to ensure a quicker release of the shortlist.

We also congratulate the authors of the shortlisted stories, whose stories now go on in the competition with a chance to win the 1000 euro Grand Prize and publication in Albedo One. Our commiserations, also, to the authors of those stories that were not shortlisted this time around. The Aeon Award could not exist without your support.

As of this moment, the Interim Judges have begun re-reading the entire shortlist to choose the top 6 stories that will go to our Grand Judges for the final decision on the three winners. We aim to announce the top 6 stories by the end of March at the latest.

Round 4

Four Riders
Arcane Sky
Real Boys
Listen and You Will See
Fire In The Blood
Damn Nation
The Turquoise Chamber
The Little People
The Bride of Golem
For Goodness Sake
The Great Hunger
Beyond Hades
Winter Solstice
A Good Daughter
Book 9
Spaces Which Are Not Empty
The Spaces Inbetween
The Decline of the Death Artist
A Message from the Indigo Courtesan

Round 3

Coiste Bodhar
Persimmon Wonderseeker and the Mystery of the Deadly Lambshade
Dessert heads
The Mask
Another One
The Nowhere
Once We Destroy The Earth — The Moon Should Be Easy

Round 2
The Transmissions
The Sadie Hawkins
Dog Island
The Tracker
Northern Lights
The Moon of Lila-Vihreä
The Dream-killer Waits

Round 1
Variable Star
Mary’s Plant
The Cat in the Cave
The Deer

Don’t forget, the International Aeon Award 2016 Short Fiction Contest is now open for entries until November 30, 2016. The Aeon Award short fiction contest has been running since 2004 and has a Grand Prize of €1000 and publication in Albedo One! Second and third place contest prizes are €200 and €100 as well as guaranteed publication in Albedo One, the leading Irish magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

See the full Aeon Award writing competition rules for more.

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    John Eckelkamp

    Is there an updated estimate for the release of the top six stories?

  2. Avatar

    Any word on the top 6 picks for the 2015 award? Just wondering…

  3. Frank Ludlow
    Frank Ludlow

    Dear All, Thanks for your queries. Our apologies on the delayed release of the the Top 6 shortlist from the Aeon Award 2015. Health issues on the part of the interim judges panel have slowed us down – but things are moving forward quickly again, and we expect the top 6 to be finally announced in early June. I will post the link here when available, and it will be accessible from the homepage.

    • Avatar
      Rajendra Shepherd

      Ah ok – sorry to hear that, and thanks for the update.


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