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Mar 11, 2013Albedo One is proud to announce the three winners of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest, 2012.

The Overall Winner of the competition for 2012 is British author Ian Wild for his unbridled humorous fantasy romp, “The Trufflehounds of Romantic Passion and Desire”. Our utmost congratulations to Ian, who will receive the €1000 Grand Prize.

The Second Place Winner is British author Steve Billings for his contemplative and melancholic fantasy, with evocative shades of horror, “Purgatory Central”, who will receive the €200 Grand Prize. The Third Place Winner is U.S. author Eric Witchey, for his superbly crafted, fast-paced and absorbing science fiction story “For Your Entertainment”. Eric will receive the €100 Grand Prize. Our congratulations to Steve and Eric.

All three winning stories will be published in Albedo One, Ireland’s leading speculative fiction magazine.

It is our great pleasure to also announce the names of all those authors whose short stories were shortlisted for the contest in 2012. The stories voted in the top 6 by the interim judges panel are highlighted by three asterisks ***.

Our sincere thanks go to the authors of all top 6 stories for the honour of allowing us to consider their work, and indeed we thank the authors of all the shortlisted stories, whose fine work suggests that great things are to come.

Finally, the contest could not exist without the support of all the authors who submitted their work in 2012, shortlisted or otherwise, and we look forward to reading your work in the Aeon Award 2013 contest which is now open for entries.

For Your Entertainment *** – Eric Witchey
Monstrous Pretty *** – Keith Roberts
Moonlotus Tea *** – Katrina Lloyd
Purgatory Central *** – Steve Billings
The Trufflehounds of Romantic Passion and Desire *** – Ian Wild
Voices in the Miyata House *** – Seán Hudson
The Treehouse – Tom W. Hughes
Day of the Nightfish – D. T. Neal
The Uninvited Afterlife – Julian Gyll-Murray
En Bas de L’eau – Cyril Simsa
The Visitors – John Adams
Bubble Trouble – Daniel Hartropp
Mandrake – Tom Eglington
The Black Madonna – Jonathan Colvson
Milo – Bernard Patry
Interest Due – Dominick Nole
Dancing West to East – Edwina Harvey
What They See on Nox – Karen Heuler
Walking Beans – Phillip Hurst
Even the Small Things – Keith Roberts
Boudreaux and Thibodeaux – Alexander Jennings
Planet Test 01 – Jen Cole
The Grand Fountaineer’s Retirement – Naomi Rawle
Teramar – Tom Murray
The Human Condition – Mike Simon

The Aeon Award is a short story writing competition for fantasy, horror and science fiction (i.e. all the speculative fiction genres), with Grand Prizes of €1000, €200 and €100 and publication in Albedo One. Remember, the 2013 contest is now open to submissions, the first round of which ends on March 31 2013. So get those stories submitted to the competition – full details here.

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