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Mar 1, 2012 – The Grand Judges have at last finished the difficult process of voting upon the three winning stories of the International Aeon Award Short Fiction Contest, 2011. We are delighted to announce the winning stories. The Overall Winner of the competition for 2011 is U.S. author Michael Banker for his science fiction short story “Tokyo Haze”. Grand Judge Ian Watson describes the story as “beautifully thought-out and expressed”. Our utmost congratulations to Michael, who will receive the €1000 Grand Prize. The Second Place Winner is British author Benedick Johnson, for his poetic and melancholic fantasy story “The Time of Birds”, who will receive the €200 Grand Prize. The Third Place Winner is British author David Gullen, for his powerful depiction of future exploitation of less economically wealthy cultures in “Where the Sun Shines Brightly”. David will receive the €100 Grand Prize. Our congratulations to Benedick and David. All three winning stories will be published in Albedo One, Ireland’s leading speculative fiction magazine. We are also proud now to announce the names of all those authors whose short stories were shortlisted for the contest in 2011. The stories voted in the top 6 by the interim judges panel are highlighted by three asterixes ***. We thank the authors of all the shortlisted stories for entering their fine work in 2011. The contest could not exist without the support of you, the writer, and we look forward to reading your work in the Aeon Award 2012 contest which is now open for entries.

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping *** by Lisa Dee
Heredity *** by Andrew Fox
The Time of Birds *** by Benedick Johnson
Where the Sun Shines Brightly *** by David Gullen
Tokyo Haze *** by Michael Banker
Doctor Suess is Dead *** by Dan Henk
Anne Arquey 20871223F – by Maria Herring
Beyond the City of Ice – by Jonathan Cook
Silkie – by Linda Wright
Young Woman with a Horn – by Cyril Simsa
Do I Owe You Something? – by Brian Fox
Wire – by Ever R. Dundas
The Ballad of Boomtown – by Priya Sharma
No Foundation – by William Greeley
Case Notes on a Witch Doctor – by Nick Wood
Smokedogs – by Bill Anderson
The Graydon Chronicles: Johannes Burman (1858-1888) – by Kimberly Morishige
Dying Moon – by Declan Connaughton
Leftovers – by Richard Elkins
Stained – by Corinna Underwood
Funeral March – by Ray Dacolias
A Well-Known Figure from the Area – by Adam Eager
The Stray – by Robert Lindblom
Darke Wing – by Joanne Mills
The Creeper – by Edmud Jonah

The Aeon Award is a short story writing competition for fantasy, horror and science fiction (i.e. all the speculative fiction genres), with Grand Prizes of €1000, €200 and €100 and publication in Albedo One. Remember, the second round of the 2012 contest runs from April 1 2012 to June 30 2012, so get those stories submitted to the competition – full details here.

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