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A Picnic At The Mountains of Madness by Neil Baker is colorful little book created to ease children into the of horror and science fiction classic, ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ by H.P. Lovecraft.

The book’s art, created by Maya Sugihara, is a parade in watercolor, with very interesting attention to detail, without sparing any expenses in the cuteness department. It is, by far, the most crucial indicator of the quality of any children’s book and a lot of its double-page spreads are widescreen-worthy material for your desktop.

Neil Baker does a great job of teasing the original story through the book for younger audiences, while I guarantee that his depiction of the albino blind penguins halfway through will raise a chuckle from the older Lovecraftian enthusiasts. My main complaint with the book’s writing comes from its brevity. I understand that the team did not want to risk creating a book that children in the target audience would not bother finishing, but I’d have loved to find out more about Uncle Howard before we got into the story proper, or to see the children actually finding out about the Shoggoth revolt (albeit in a more family-friendly way).

If you are a horror enthusiast and wish to introduce your children to the wonderful world of cosmic horror and science fiction, then I can’t think of a better way to start them off than with A Picnic At the Mountains of Madness.

A Picnic At The Mountains of Madness is published by April Moon Books.

A Picnic At The Mountains of Madness by Neil Baker
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